Rod Lucas, Artist 0429 503799

rod-lucas-wall-sign Rod was born in far North Queensland, between Mt Surprise and Mareeba, on the Royal Flying Doctor plane. His family moved to Mt Isa when he was 3. He was schooled there and then did an apprenticeship with Mt Isa Mines. All this time he was painting. Rod was never formally taught how to paint, it all came naturally. At the age of 19 he started doing murals, the first of which was at the old Quamby pub.  That led to the mural you see below in Burketown on the Morning Glory Restaurant…the famous Morning Glory Cloud. That was in 1992 and in 2012 he went back to redo the mural… 20 years and no graffiti, that says something.
Rod is proud to have done a mural on the Club Hotel in Croydon, this is the town his father was born in – a Tagalaka Aboriginal man.
He also has paintings all around Australia and in the Queensland Parliament House. He also has 3 children’s books published… A Barramundi Tale , The Magic Tree and Hey Brother.
Rod is proud of his artwork. He says “It’s simply making my dreams come true”.


This is Rod’s mural in Burketown Queensland of the Morning Glory Cloud. He painted it 21 years ago and and in 2012 I spent a few days restoring it from the effects of the weather and sun.Rod lives at Karumba in the Gulf of Carpentaria in Northern Queensland, Australia. His paintings are generally representative of the Gulf country featuring some of our iconic elements such as the morning glory cloud. rod-lucas-mg-mural


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